20 most demanded career opportunities in 2020


I hope you are well and that your families are in good health, and that you carry out the confinement well to combat the Coronavirus Covid-19.

In this article we are going to see the most demanded professional opportunities and with the most future in 2020 .

We will also see which are the university careers with the most future employment , as well as which are the professional skills most demanded by companies today.

At the conclusion of the article you will find 1 infographic that summarizes the most demanded professional skills.

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  • 20 most demanded career opportunities in 2020
  • 10 Professional skills most in demand in 2020
  • Conclusions


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20 most demanded career opportunities in 2020

We are going to see a list of which are the most demanded professional opportunities and with the most future employment in 2020.

android developer1. Android Developer

The Android developer or Android Developer is among the most demanded profiles by companies in Spain and other countries in the world.

In addition, the Android Developer profile is included in the IT Guide , where the professionals with the most future and currently in demand appear.

These professionals are dedicated to the design, development and maintenance of applications for mobile devices that use Android software.

The university profiles that normally specialize in this profession are Software Engineering, Computer or Systems Engineering or Computer Science.


Audit Analyst2. Audit Analyst

The data auditor or Audit Analyst must validate a product before going to market.

This profile is mainly in charge of analyzing quality data to extract useful information and the best decision making.

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University degrees such as Computer Engineering, Telecommunications, Industrial Engineering and Mathematics are usually required.

Data will continue to gain prominence in the future and knowing how to quickly interpret quality information will be vital to the success of campaigns.


Big Data Architect3. Big Data Architect

Big Data architects (Big Data Architect) are one of the most demanded professional profiles in IT.

He is a highly paid profile and has the ability to design large-scale data processing systems for the company.

It is also capable of designing systems and models to handle large and different varieties of data, depending on the volume, speed or accuracy of these.

Professionals with knowledge in programming, statistics and mathematics, in analysis and computing techniques are sought.


Customer Intelligence Specialist4. Customer Intelligence Specialist

The work carried out by a Business Intelligence professional consists of obtaining knowledge of the information to make decisions based on the data .

The Customer Intelligence Specialist controls large amounts of data or big data in the company and relates it to other tools to understand how customers interact with organizations.


Cybersecurity expert5. Cybersecurity expert

The cybersecurity expert is undoubtedly one of the most demanded professional profiles in 2020.

Year-to-year attacks continue to grow and will continue to do so.

If companies want to be as safe as possible, they need to take the appropriate measures to protect themselves from an increasingly interconnected world.

Skills that a cybersecurity expert should have:

  • Great interest in information and communications security.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Intuition, creativity and initiative.
  • Resolutive in cases of great pressure.
  • Have knowledge of technology and programming languages.


Application developer6. Application Developer

Applications have become essential elements in today’s world both professionally and personally.

An application developer is dedicated to developing apps for all types of devices.

There are different professional training courses, degrees and postgraduates that prepare you for the profession of application developer.


Director of Digital Marketing7. Director of Digital Marketing

The Director of Digital Marketing is director of the orchestra if we refer to marketing.

In charge of designing the digital marketing plan and coordinating all the teams in the department for a good execution of all the strategies.

He also talks and interacts with other departments such as communication, commercial and sales.

It is also a profile with great communication and training skills, capable of giving presentations and conferences, as well as training workshops.


Artificial intelligence specialist8. Artificial intelligence specialist

The artificial intelligence specialist is characterized by having specific skills such as knowledge of Machine Learning or Data Science.

Among the skills required of this professional are Machine Learning, Python, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Data Science, R, Git, Deep Learning, C ++ and Java.


Sales force developer9. Sales Force Developer or Sales Closer

The work of the sales force developer is normally performed by the sales manager.

As a key element in the marketing strategy of any company , when managing the sales force it is essential to take into account the following parameters:

  • The structure of the sales team.
  • Depending on the territory.
  • By product.
  • Depending on the client.
  • Selection of personnel.
  • Team training.
  • The motivation of the workers.
  • Performance evaluation.


customer success10. Specialist in ‘customer success’

The ‘Customer Success’ specialist is responsible for maintaining the relationship with customers and establishing a loyalty strategy .

Seeks that the customer’s experience with the product is the best and always works on A / B test to improve the results.


Robotics engineer11. Robotics engineer

The robotics engineer will seek to innovate and achieve technological advances in different areas such as industrial systems, digitization and electronics, as well as with regard to devices such as mobiles, video games, etc.

The advancement of robots is undoubted and the speed of innovation is also incredible.

It is no longer a science fiction movie in which we can see all kinds of robots and devices perfectly integrated into our professional and personal life.


Agile coach12. Agile coach

The Agile Coach must focus on people beyond methodologies and theories.

The important thing once again is the path.

It is about building it and the way to do it requires that the protagonists look for their starting point through self-knowledge.

3 aspects stand out in Agile Coach:

  • Reflect on the way we behave in conflict situations.
  • About the way we communicate and whether we take into account the needs of others and their reactions.
  • And regarding whether we are aware of our emotional reactions and whether we can control them.


Cloud Architect13. Cloud Architect

Cloud Architects are responsible for managing a cloud computing structure in an organization .

Its functions cover everything related to servers, platforms, storage solutions, connectivity and software, depending on the chosen cloud model: public, private or hybrid.


'Python' developer14. ‘Python’ developer

Python is a multidisciplinary language that can also help you build web applications with frameworks like Django or Flask.

The Python developer or Python programmer is currently a highly demanded profile thanks to its great application for different purposes.


Trafficker specialist in Advertising15. Trafficker specialist in Advertising

The Trafficker or Advertising specialist is responsible for designing and managing all the advertising strategies of the company.

You must have a complete management of advertising on social networks and advertising in Google Ads, as well as other channels or platforms.

It is a very recent profession and it is one of the ones with the most future employment in 2020.

Business Development Manager16. Business Development Manager

The Business Development Manager has a very strategic profile and consists of exploring alternative sources of income to the current ones through:

  • New markets (sectoral, geographic).
  • Product licensing opportunities.
  • Acquisition of companies.
  • Development of new products / services or adaptations of current products.
  • New distribution channels.
  • Partnerships with other companies.


Commercial Director17. Commercial Director

The Commercial Director or CCO is the head of the commercial department.

The CCO is responsible for meeting the sales targets.

It requires great communication, sales and leadership skills.

Coordinate, guide and train sales teams to achieve the objectives set.


JAVA developer18. JAVA developer

The JAVA programmer or JAVA developer is one of the most demanded profiles today.

The JAVA programming language continues to be one of the most widely used in the world.

Of course, a good knowledge of JAVA programming is required, and in addition to making developments, they also propose solutions to problems.


Product Manager Marketing19. Product Manager Marketing

A Product Manager is responsible for the strategy, planning, execution and launch of a product  to the market.

The Product Manager Marketing is in charge of designing the best marketing strategy and digital launch of the product, as well as all the channels in which it should be.


Chief Digital Officer (CDO)20. Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is the director of digital strategy.

The CDO must be a senior professional with experience in the digital field, mastering topics such as eCommerce, analytics, web conversion, marketing, social media, Internet and business management.


20 University Careers with the greatest future employment in 2020

The US Department of Labor makes an annual list of the jobs with the greatest job demand.

  1. Software engineering
  2. odontology
  3. Nursing
  4. Medicine
  5. Maths
  6. Physiotherapy
  7. Occupational therapy
  8. Marketing
  9. Optics and Optometry
  10. Right
  11. Technical architecture
  12. Business Management
  13. Veterinary
  14. Informatics Engineering
  15. Mechanical Engineering
  16. Psychology
  17. Economy
  18. Speech therapy
  19. Civil Engineering
  20. Pharmacy


10 Professional skills most in demand in 2020

Knowing how to work in a team, resolve conflicts or have leadership skills are among the skills most sought after by employers.

Training, key in the future of work

According to the Udemy for Business report, there are 10 career skills that will make a difference in 2020:


1.- Development mindset

The attitude and the desire to grow are very important for any business.

Developing the field of motivation and self-esteem improves our performance and productivity in the company.


2.- Creativity

Creating different things and having an open mind to all kinds of changes is something that is valued in a really positive way.


3.- Innovation

Innovation is not only about providing new ideas, but also about providing new strategies and paths to increase sales or the result of our work.


4.- Communication skills

Communication skills will help us to better defend our ideas and be able to present our work with greater ease. Either within the company or outside in actions to promote it.


5.- Concentration capacity

Knowing how to effectively manage our time and avoid time dispersion is a very important aspect and valued by companies.


6.- Storytelling

We all know the importance of telling stories associated with the sale of our products and touching the most sensitive chord of our target audience.


7.- Cultural awareness

We live in a globalized world where we are going to work with professionals from different countries and we must all work together to achieve the goals that have been set for us.


8.- Leadership

Leadership skills will help you to get a team of people to work together, to motivate and support them in everything necessary to achieve results.


9.- Emotional Intelligence

Empathy and communication skills are 2 very useful characteristics for employees and even more so if they are going to work in commercial or sales departments.

10.- Critical thinking

People with the ability to analyze campaigns, strategies, results, errors, and how to correct them in order to improve every day.

professional skills most in demand in 2020


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In this article you will find the most demanded professional opportunities in 2020, as well as what are the professional skills that companies most seek in their employees.

You will also find the 20 university majors with the most future employment in 2020. As well as an infographic that summarizes the most important aspects of the entire article.