In the real estate industry, Property news face innumerable challenges in their day to day and not being positive will affect from the beginning of their careers, as well as when they start the search for potential clients , to more advanced stages of their career, for For example, when experienced agents are forced to deal with complicated clients or colleagues who don’t follow the rules.

One of the biggest challenges is maintaining the right mindset when going through difficult situations at work. The mind is negative by nature and as a result our brain wants to stay within that “comfort zone”, thereby trying to protect us from perceived dangers. For example, you know that it can be awkward to call clients from expired listings because the probability of rejection is high, so your mind settles down in a negative way, even before you pick up the phone.

Our brain wants to stay in known media and is afraid of new challenges, being able to interpret uncertainty as a threat, that is why agents who have been in capital smart city map for decades and have an established routine avoid taking challenges that lead them to generate new businesses because their brain considers that new situations equals discomfort.

Take a step out of your comfort zone and do not let negative thoughts dominate you, to help you achieve it, we have 5 ways for you to maintain the right mindset and become the best real estate agent:

1.- Practice gratitude

What are you grateful for right now? It is important to focus on the people and things for which you are grateful, this releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you more alert, enthusiastic and determined.

2.- Focus on your affirmations

Positive prayers said out loud and repeatedly can encourage and maintain a positive mind. Affirmations structure the mind, limit negative thoughts, reduce depression, increase awareness and your potential.

3.- Surround fear

Fear can affect people in such a way that it prevents them from reaching their goals. To overcome it, imagine that fear is something real, think of it as a physical body, imagine its existence, visualize it, walk towards it, now take one step further, surround it and watch it fade away behind you.

4.- Celebrate frequently

Make sure you cross the finish line and celebrate! Set micro goals and celebrate frequently.

Celebrating small victories gives you a reason to smile, a positive attitude, and more drive as you work toward bigger goals.

5.- Be happy

Happiness multiplies, spreads like fire, so we suggest you share your enthusiasm with others. A study revealed that genuinely optimistic people are happier and more successful compared to pessimistic people, and they also show a tendency for a longer life and better overall health.

These tips, in addition to making the people around you feel better, will also make you in a better mood.