Another common issue is hosting providers interruptions. Some affordable web hosts have continuous service cutoffs (e.g. for maintenance reasons) and this can be a huge problem. By way of instance, let us assume you have your server and an online store goes down for 1 or 2 hours during Black Friday, I am certain that you will not be pleased about it. Firms relying on their traffic ought to aim for a 99.95% uptime speed — in other words, your yearly email hosting services uk must be less than 4 hours.

In my experience, there are two main reasons why (some ) cheap hosting providers offer poor performance:

email hosting services uk

They use old hardware (e.g. servers) to cut down costs

I’d suggest that you assess SiteGround and DreamHost should you want a top-performing shared hosting agency. And in the event that you want to see our performance evaluations, read this report.


To me, reliable and responsive support is vital to (seriously) consider a hosting provider. Most of the time you do not need to contact a support representative, but if you do (and you may ) frequently your website is in deep trouble (e.g. not loading). So you can be saved loads of money and headaches by having a responsive customer care team.

Hostgator slow service

Regrettably, most economical web hosting providers do not excel here. In my experience the issues are:

They take ages to be available for you after you’ve asked their help

They can not solve your problem, or even worse, they create new problems when trying to repair the original one.

My experience with service tells me that InMotion, DreamHost and SiteGround are somewhat more reliable than average.

Hidden Fees & Upsells

Some cheap hosting providers get you onboard for a very low price, I think some may not make cash with your initial payment. But their ultimate purpose is to trick you to receive one of the expensive upsells (e.g. safety add-ons) or charge you with fees you were not anticipating (e.g. for copies ).

IPage’s tricky checkout

Another sneaky strategy would be to always offer really long contracts (e.g. 36-months) by default throughout the checkout. In addition to that, unnecessary add-ons (e.g. domain coverage ) could be pushed into your shopping cart whilst buying a hosting agency.

Missing Characteristics

It’s not unusual to come across some hosting providers that don’t offer you some basic capabilities. For example, providers like HostGator or InMotion Hosting do not offer a (free) system to maintain backups — make sure to factor in the backup add-on price when thinking about those suppliers.

Siteground advanced backup options

SiteGround’s on-demand backup system is unique among cheap hosting services

Larger site owners will require advanced features like built-in caching options, staging areas or pre-installed Git repositories. Be mindful that these are not offered for each service the features before you commit using you that you want.

Affordable Web Hosting, which is right for you?

I have covered a lot in this guide and you have a clearer idea about what affordable hosting provider you need to go for. Let me, however, highlight a couple of aspects.

As we’ve seen many suppliers arrive with high reduced first-term prices, but prices may even triple at renewal. Some providers only provide basic features like SSL certificates as add-ons that are compensated. Finally, be aware of hidden costs (e.g. if you need to cover to renew a backup).

But price should not be the sole aspect to consider when deciding on a hosting service. As for me, I pay close attention to their performance (uptime & speed), the quality of the service and available attributes like built-in caching options, staging areas or reliable backups.

And now let me tell you about what provider I would use for Many situations:

The very most effective overall provider is SiteGround, offering excellent performance, support and useful hosting features (e.g. staging places ), but it is not the cheapest hosting service.

DreamHost is a top-performing provider at a fantastic price, it gives the very best value for your money.

A2 Hosting and SiteGround come with WordPress optimized servers and convenient features for WordPress developers and site owners.

If You’re looking for a Windows-based server, check out GoDaddy and A2 Hosting.

The top hosting provider for ecommerce jobs are SiteGround and DreamHost because their servers may be PCI compliant.