Today we want to explain how you can plan and create a web page for real estate.

In ICHS Town Islamabad we like to say that if you are not online it is as if you were not. It may seem a bit radical, but what for some businesses is an option, for the real estate sector it is an obligation. The motives? Many, but many more are the benefits of creating a website.

Why is it important to create a website for Property for sale in Islamabad?

Since around 2000 the online presence of companies was imposed, things have changed a lot. At that time, a corporate-style real estate website with very basic needs was necessary.

In the opinion of those who lived those years “had to be.” That corporate presence and in most cases, static, has evolved deeply. What in those days was reduced to a few web pages with information about the company and a contact form, today is no longer useful.

At present the needs are different, because consumers are others. The Internet user today is not looking for information that is valuable to the company, but information that is valuable for his life.

That is why you need to have a  real estate website such as Sky Marketing , because the consumer is not going to look for you, it is you who has to go out to meet them, worry about their needs and offer the help they need to meet them.

Where do I start to create a web page for real estate?

One of the mistakes that as experts in creating real estate websites we usually find is believing the navel of the world. Like you, your customers are interested in their lives. Why then do you insist on telling your stuff instead of worrying about theirs?

If you are clear about this point, some sections that (sure) were centered on you will have fallen from your plans right now. Now that you know that you are not the important thing, we are going to offer you some tricks to plan what you want to tell:

·Make clear from the beginning what you do

We already know that you are a real estate agent, but do you dedicate yourself to rent? Are yours the luxury properties? Do not forget that an average user only dedicates the first 6 seconds to consider if you are interested. Only 6 seconds separate your real estate website from a user who will not return.

·Offer more than others

Do you know what is the great success of the Idealista portal? Your powerful search engine by zones. In large cities, the difference of a few streets can mean a wonderful area or the extra radius. Even if it involves a higher budget, creating a web page for real estate with a search engine by zones, can mean the difference between your competition and you.

·Take care of the design

Real estate marketing professionals advise that web page design be as simple as possible. Our advice is that you raise your real estate website as if it were an application, that is, simple, functional and fast, very fast.

·Do not haggle with accommodation

We already know that a small business has to keep expenses at bay, but we assure you that accommodation is one of those things that should not be played with. If possible, ensure that the customer service is in Spanish and that they guarantee a short response time if a problem arises.

·Search for a professional

We assure you that the first steps to create your real estate website are essential, so it is convenient to have a professional by your side from the beginning. There are many details that an average user does not know and that a professional can do for you to avoid having to start over in 6 months.