Are you Oui? It’s not the first time we’ve asked you this question, have you, girls? And you know that being Oui is much more than wearing a jewel Oui Petit, being Oui is a philosophy, being Oui implies being a woman in love with simple things, optimistic and with lots of energy.

To be Oui is to say “Yes” to the world, but above all to yourself, to feel proud of being a woman and to love yourself. Today, March 8, Women’s Day, is a day to shout that we are unique, that we waste our desire and commitment with ourselves and that we do not want to go unnoticed.

And what better than a jewel that has recorded that war cry, so that you always take it with you and never forget what you have come to do. A little gem with Oui, your battle cry, play it in silence to make a lot of noise!

In Oui Petit, we carry the Oui by the flag, and that is why not only is the diamond jewelry appearing in some of our best sellers, but we are working on new designs so that all #ouipetitlovers can give their own peculiar cry. Do you like the idea? The Oui silver and gold bracelet, both solid and rigid and adjustable, are our favorite jewelry and we know that you also love them.

Oui Gold bracelet

Yes to the good, but also to the bad, because everything brings something positive; yes to the new challenges; yes to the moments for you; yes to commitment; yes to a whim; yes to the advice; yes to good criticisms, why not; Yes to life; yes to the plans; yes to the mirror; yes to yourself Join our war cry, are you Oui?

Oui Ankle Brace

And it is that without women the world would stop, and also Oui Petit. Because you are the ones who make this dream possible, the muses that inspire us and that push us every day to be better. So our Oui gems are dedicated to you, unstoppable women, Oui women!