As everyone knows that we install Radon Systems in our homes to deplete the excess amount of Radon Gas present in the soil-bed of our houses, but tell me this that do you know that we get a by-product with this system installed which comes handy on a lot of occasions specially during humid summer months when you ache the need to install dehumidifiers and let them run 24/7. This by-product is Moisture removal and yes it relieves us a lot and saves us from a lot of energy and headache because if we have radon system installed, we don’t have to run or put pressure on the dehumidifiers because that will not only increase our electricity bill but also there would a tension to turn the dehumidifier on/off, clean its filters etc.

Duration for Dehumidification

Now there are a lot of factors and variables on which dehumidification is based and to prove this Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has conducted experimentation on 3 different homes during the course period of 12-18 months. The reason for this is to test the effectiveness of radon systems. In reducing moisture content from homes. The first conclusion that EPA has drawn is that radon systems performed exceptionally well in reducing moisture content from the basements of the houses in non-summer months but in summer months i.e. when humidity levels are elevated then this system doesn’t perform that well which was expected. We are not suggesting here that Radon Systems doesn’t help at all, for supporting our argument we conducted a survey and asked different people who have this system installed in their houses that does radon systems helps reduce humidity or not and the answer that we get was expected. They say that from the time they have installed the system they feel less need to use the dehumidifiers because radon systems are doing that work for them. Also, they say that the smell in the basement i.e. a pungent like musty smell it is also receding because of this system. So, we can say that Radon Gas Mitigation System not only removes Radon Gas from homes and buildings but also helps to remove moisture as well which is considered as a plus point in all this.

How it Works

Here the Question arises that how the process really works? So, to explain it first remember that your house! Which is considered as a giant vacuum which continuously is sending Air out the windows and vents and sucking air from the floor so because of this the Radon Gas along with moisture enters into the building/structure. To avoid all this, we use a what is called a sub-slab depressurization system which generates the vacuum under the sealed slab and this then is sucked through the Specially designed Radon Mitigation fans out of the house and is sent through the roofline according to the EPA rules and regulations. Remember every structures ability and time to get free from Radon Gas and moisture content varies.