Katarina Stenskytt

Updated January 14, 2020

We have tested 6 different hair sprays and title the Remington The GHD Aura Drying kit as our Best Choice. It is a very powerful and aesthetically pleasing hair dryer which can dry your hair fast. The GHD Aura Air is our favorite hair dryer in the premium price class. This hair dryer is of quite higher quality and contains a power acceptable for usage, giving you an experience each single time you use it.

  1. GHD Aura Air

A very high-quality hair dryer Acceptable for professional use

GHD Aura Professional

As we expected, GHD left nothing to chance in terms of design quality when they made that the GHD Aura Air. This hair dryer is equally potent and isn’t difficult to use. It has a very long cable which means that you never have to worry about the space between the socket as well as the mirror. It’s easy to add volume since the air flow is more concentrated when you attach the nozzle into the dryer. This makes it effortless to operate without bothering the rest and making it.

The GHD Aura Drying kit

The Aura Air’s powerful engine speeds up and slows down because you use it meaning it won’t stop or alter the power of the hair dryer abruptly. The design of the GHD Aura Air leaves an airspace between the outer casing and the airflow, which means you can hold it without the chance of burning yourself and that the outside of the hair dryer never gets too hot. The nozzle is also designed to operate in the exact same manner, therefore the outgoing air never gets hotter than 44° C. This means you could use the hair dryer even close to the scalp without burning yourself.

GHD’s goods are usually of high grade, which meant our expectations of this hair dryer were extremely significant. The Aura Air is up for the regular and lived up to our expectations. The plan of this hair dryer is quite attractive and exudes a distinctive feel. When using it our own hair felt refreshing and appeared equally healthy and thick. Overall this really is a product that’s acceptable for a salon but in addition for anyone looking for a high-quality hair dryer with control.

  • Really powerfulgives a distinctive experiencelong cablegood nozzle
  • Expensive
  • Find deal at
  1. Braun HD710

A cheap hair dryer with a money-back guarantee that has a comfortable grip and gives hair a good end

Braun Satin Hair 7 HD 710

Despite the Braun HD710 with the biggest power consumption (2200-watts) of all the hair dryers within this evaluation, we still found it tough to use. We felt that the fan was noisy when we tested them, and the cold or hot setting nor the capability were impressive. Unfortunately the cable is also too short, measuring 1.9 metres. However, we did like the slide control makes it difficult to change the temperature. This controller stays out of the manner of your hand when you’re currently using the hair dryer. One plus side of this hair dryer is the fact that it is relatively inexpensive and includes a guarantee.