One of the biggest mistakes you can make is working with a client who is not well suited to you and your business . If you feel like your blood pressure is rising every time you get a call from that customer, it may be time to say goodbye.

When times are tough, or when you need money, it’s tempting to lower your standards and choose to work with a client whose approach to a transaction is clearly out of alignment with your personal integrity, but generally this decision leads to poor results for both you and the client. client. Therefore, in this note we mention the points that you should consider to protect yourself from an uncomfortable situation before it happens.

Evaluate your clients

To avoid facing the urge to say goodbye to clients on your list, be sure to evaluate them before you start working with them. Your evaluation should include, not only their financial capacity and their willingness to carry out the transaction, but also whether they are respectful and pleasant when working. If they are not, you better refer them to another agent.

Identify when you should “clean the business”

If you feel exhausted and discouraged from working with clients who do not appreciate you, do not respect your time, are not serious, have an attitude problem or a series of annoying characteristics, it is time to review your list of clients and “clean home”.

We list a series of signs that will allow you to identify if it is time to say goodbye to that complicated client.

If your customer is the seller:

1. The seller wants to “test the market” of park view city and has been doing so for more than six months without making an offer.

2. After being on the market for a year, the seller turns down a great offer and says, “I know we can find something better.”

3. The seller wants you to spend a huge amount of money on print and online advertising even though the price of the property is too high compared to the houses in the area and it is also in very poor condition.

4. The cat box smell is overpowering and the seller refuses to do anything about it.

5. The seller has made modifications to the house without the necessary permits and says: “How important is this? I can not mention it… ”.

If your customer is the one who buys:

1. Your buyer leaves you stuck in appointments repeatedly, without contacting or apologizing.

2. The husband wants a certain style of home while the wife wants something completely different. Every time you take them to visit a property they end up fighting over it. Also, they both get upset because you don’t take sides with either of them.

3. The buyer agreed to work exclusively with you, however, he is evaluating properties with another buyproperty

4. After visiting more than a dozen properties, the buyer has still not found “the right house” and shows no signs of doing so soon.

5. Buyers want to bid, but don’t have enough money available to cover the deposit check and argue, “Don’t worry, we’ll get the money soon, just don’t tell the seller.”

How to say goodbye”?

Once you have identified that it is time to separate from that client, we tell you some options on how you can communicate it.

We suggest you go to the door of the client (seller) and say: “I apologize. I will have to release your property from my listing. It does not seem correct to me to continue the process when we know that your property is overvalued and that the possibilities of sale are very low. ” In many cases this is a wake up call for sellers and they often adjust their price.

What can you say in other cases?

“Due to personal problems, I will no longer be able to represent you in your purchase / sale. Do you want me to refer you to another agent or would you rather find a replacement on your own? ”

While you may be afraid to put those businesses aside, we can tell you that what happens for most agents when they remove dishonest, disrespectful, or overly demanding customers is that they create the space for better quality businesses to enter in your practice, so don’t be afraid to fire that troublesome customer!